The stability of spray-dried garlic powder during storage has been studied under accelerated condition, based on quality parameters, i.e. water content and brown wlor formation. The rate 4 deterioration based on water content was &ermined with half-liJ%p eriod, while brown wlorformation was determined with equation offirst order reaction. Varieties ofpackaging showed a significant i n J ~tos th e values ofhaFlife period, rate ofbrowning, solubility and VRS ofproduct. The brown wlor formation during storage is wnsidcred as non enzymatic browning reaction, which was related with the decreasing of reducing sugar and nitrogen wntents. Addition of anticaking agents wuld decrease the rate of browning and indwd the product more soluble. However, they could not flectively protect the products during storage in the accelerated conditions. Sensory evaluation showed that the formation of caking was more crucial factor in reducing the acceptance of product than other parameters. The slackening of physical charactmmstiocf product a$cted the flavor intensity, but in application the product still had good odor and taste.

sumber : Wijaya, C. Hanny; Kusnandar, Feri; Purwati, Amelia; Darmadjati, Djoko S

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